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Bahasa Course

Bahasa Conversation Course for foreigners who want to master Bahasa within short time. We have effective learning method which enables the learners to be able to speak Bahasa within short period of time. We offer two learning packages:

  1. 16 meetings: 5, 500, 000 IDR (Flexible: time & loc: Badung|Denpasar|Sanur|Ubud|Tabanan)
  2. 24 meetings: 6, 200, 000 IDR (Flexible: time & loc: Badung|Denpasar|Sanur|Ubud|Tabanan)
  3. 32 meetings: 8, 500, 000 IDR (Flexible: time & loc: Badung|Denpasar|Sanur|Ubud|Tabanan)
  4. 48 meetings: 12, 300, 000 IDR (Flexible: time & loc: Badung|Denpasar|Sanur|Ubud|Tabanan)
  5. 54 meetings: 15, 500, 000 IDR (Flexible: time & loc: Badung|Denpasar|Sanur|Ubud|Tabanan)
  6. Registration Fee: 200.000 IDR

The course is One on One (Private Course). Each meeting lasts for one hour and thirty minutes

FYI: we available to teach Face to face and Online. Two Bahasa Modules are provided freely.

The course is focused on formal Bahasa Conversation which can be used for  business purpose and socializing.

Our Location

Address 1
Jalan Dalung Permai No. 12
Kerobokan Kuta Utara

Mobil Kursus Keliling (Mobile Class)
Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Tabanan

Visi & Misi

Visi & Misi Utama Kami
To be the fastest English Conversation course in Indonesia.

* To accelerate English learning using NPS Approach.
* Mastering formal English conversation within 24 hours using Communicative Grammar Integrated Method(CGIM).

Fast English Talk-Kursus Bahasa Inggris Percakapan Tercepat di Indonesia


  • Komang Sudiaksa-

    It is easy to grasp the lesson. I like that! The method is awesome. Keep it up, FET!!

  • Angga Ari Marta-

    What a simple method! I think I will have many tasks to do. But, it’s wrong. Just go with the tricks and it does. Thumbs up, Fast English Talk!!

  • Mika Meliala-

    Thanks for the great simple method, FET!! It doesn’t take long time. No formulas. Speak a lot. I like that!! Good job!!

  • Santy Apriledy-

    Great method and tricks!! Can’t wait to see my big progress ? Thank you very much Fast English Talk!!

  • Adelia Efendi-

    Fast English Talk, you are the best! I will recommend you too my friends. You really open up my mind. Excellent!!

  • Al Fauzan-

    Thank you Fast English Talk. Learning English with you is so attractive and interesting. I like it ? Good job!!

  • Very Sinaga-

    Great learning method you have, FET! It is different from another method. More simple, more easy and memorable. Good job!!

  • Ketut Suarsana-

    Thank you very much Fast English Talk.. Saya awalnya tidak menyangka akan mudah untuk belajar berbahasa Inggris secepat ini. Yang sukar menjadi mudah dipahami ? Thumbs up!!

  • Nabila Dewi-

    Good job FET!! I can improve my English here. Really like the lesson and the teaching-learning process.. Thumbs up!!

  • Asri Hartayani-

    Susah memang untuk belajar bahasa Inggris di usia yg tidak muda lagi. Tetapi karena metodenya mudah dan tidak rumit, siapa pun pasti bisa ? Thank you very much Fast English Talk. You are awesome!!

Semua Testimoni


We give 100% guarantee money back if you are not fluent formal spoken English within 24 hours. Jaminan kami, Silahkan ambil kembali uang anda 100% Jika anda Tidak Mahir bercakap-cakap Bahasa Inggris formal dalam waktu 24 jam.